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Part of the magic of a dove release is that it is an encounter with nature and animals. Please understand that animal behavior and weather can be unpredictable.

For the safety of our birds and guests, we will not release our birds in bad weather, including storms, heavy rain, high winds, or extreme temperatures. We watch the weather closely, and if inclement weather is predicted, we may contact you the day before the event for a cancelation with a refund or to explore non-release options.


Once we are at the event, we do not issue refunds regardless of the circumstances but will work with you to enjoy our doves without releasing them.


If your event runs long, please note we do not release doves within 2 hours of sundown (so they may return safely home before dark). 


All events include a display of our doves for photo opportunities, which may include our handler assisting you and guests in holding and posing with the birds. If this is all that can be accomplished due to weather and event delays, we consider it a fulfillment of our service agreement.

If you have any questions please call or get in touch with email.

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