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Free Release Experience

As an introduction to her Grief Recovery Coaching, Dana Reynolds facilitates a free experience for any individual in the Northwest Arkansas area to release grief over any loss: be it a person, pet, or to signify letting go of a difficult situation, habit, or relationship.


Please note this is not the same as our memorial ceremony but is an informal meeting where you meet us wherever we happen to be training our birds around the area. When we meet up, you will be assisted by our handler to gently hold a white dove. You will be encouraged to quietly and privately speak about your burden of loss (or whatever it is you are ready to release) to the dove, allowing it to witness and carry the burden away when you are ready to open your hands and let it go.
At that time we will release our other birds to train them.

Picture of person holding a white dove.

Even though this is an informal event, it can be a profound and deeply moving expression of your readiness to complete the past and step into a new, unburdened life, and is a part of the Grief Recovery process Dana teaches at


You do not have to be in the Grief Recovery program to participate. This is not a private ceremony, but you will stand apart so your 'conversation' with your dove is private.  

While this service is free, please follow your heart
and consider making a donation or sponsoring someone who will benefit from this experience.

Special requests for a private ceremony, releases at other locations, or closed groups will be conducted at the same fee
as the Memorial Release.


For more information about Any Loss Grief Recovery, it is a secular and evidence-based approach with respect to anyone’s beliefs and cherished memories. The Grief Recovery Method is the world’s only such program with a 40-year history of helping people like you. This program teaches life skills to cope with all past and future losses. Dana is a certified Advanced Grief Recovery Method trainer. While the release experience is free, the Any Loss Grief Recovery Method is an essential life-skill taught in groups or privately for a fee.


Dana also facilitates pet-loss grief recovery and helps parents, teachers and caregivers help children with loss, and trains organizations for managing grief in the workplace.


For more information, visit

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