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Are Dove Releases humane?

Our doves are a particular breed of White Homing Pigeons. This breed has been working with and alongside humankind for centuries and have evolved alongside us to mutual benefit. They can fly up to 300 miles a day at speeds approaching 50 mph. Flying is their joy, and once released they could go anywhere they choose. They choose to fly home where they know they are safe and cared for, and our loft remains open so they may come and go as they please.

What about hawks?

Disneyland and Disney World (the origin of our flock) recently discontinued flying doves around their parks due to their visitors being alarmed when witnessing hawk attacks. Hawks are also a hazard in Arkansas. However, we see our birds as participants in the natural order of life, and if that includes feeding a hungry hawk and its family, then so be it. We respect all expressions of nature and the circle of life.

It is unlikely yet possible you may witness a hawk attack on a dove you release. If so, we encourage you to give nature the reverence it deserves and take it as an opportunity to appreciate the hawk, which may be a member of an endangered species.

Aren't pigeons messy?

Like the book says, everyone poops. Nevertheless, we bathe our birds the night before our events and put them in a clean and roomy coop where they skip breakfast on the day of your event. We also put down a non-toxic potpourri in our cages and baskets. Our handlers help our guests handle the birds in such a way that it is unlikely they will be soiled. In our years of doing releases, we've had only one 'accident'. The participant decided it must mean 'good luck' and we cheerfully agreed!

Where do the doves fly?

Eventually they fly home to our loft east of Springdale and rejoin their flock family of about 50 birds. You may see them circle for a while to get their bearings, or chill out in a nearby tree or rooftop before heading home. Their exact behavior is up to them!


We have had doves return from as far away as Little Rock, although we no longer take them outside of Washington, Benton or Madison County.

How doves navigate from places they've never been before is one of the mysteries of nature. But they do. 

Our birds are very athletic and fly free every day. This is why it is important to only use trained birds. Doves or pigeons kept in a coop or cage have not developed flying muscles and have no home to fly to. 


Can we visit the loft?

Not at this time. We are maintaining a bio-secure facility. Also, many of our pigeons are nesting. Their loft is their home and private sanctuary and they don't appreciate visitors. (Fun fact: Pigeons recognize their favorite humans, even in photographs!). You may however visit our farm by appointment, sit out in the yard and if you are lucky, they may be in a mood to fly in circles above the farm, which they often do.

What's the difference between doves and pigeons.

All pigeons belong to the 'dove family', therefor, all pigeons are doves. Our doves in particular are White Homing Pigeons, which are very different in behavior from the small delicate ringneck or little white magician's dove. While beautiful, these cannot fly far and should never be used in a dove release.

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